1. Sex differences in respiratory muscle mechanics during exercise
  2. Mechanisms of exertional dyspnea in fibrotic interstitial lung disease
  3. Effects of pulmonary rehabilitation on respiratory physiology and dyspnea in patients with COPD
  4. Effects of aging and fitness on ventilatory and sensory responses to exercise
  5. Effects of inspiratory muscle training on respiratory muscle mechanics and haemodynamics in healthy adults
  6. Ventilatory limitations and exercise intolerance after the Fontan procedure
  7. Sex differences in ventilatory limitations and exertional dyspnea in healthy adults
  8. Effects of aero-bars on respiratory mechanics and ventilatory responses during exercise in trained cyclists
  9. Effects of traffic-related air pollution in smokers at risk for developing COPD
  10. High Oxygen delivery to Preserve Exercise capacity in IPF patients treated with nintedanib: The HOPE-IPF Study
  11. Modification of wake/sleep identification algorithms in an innovative actigraph platform against polysomnography in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  12. The effects of upper body movement on parasternal electromyography during exercise
  13. Canadian cohort on the origin and progression of airway disease