The effects of traffic-related air pollution in smokers at risk for developing COPD

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Christopher Carlsten

We are recruiting healthy non-smokers and ex-smokers for a study investigating the health effects of traffic related air pollution in those at risk for COPD.


  • 40-75 years of age
  • Free of cardiovascular disease
  • Free of insulin-dependent diabetes

If you meet the study requirements, you will be asked to visit our labs at Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital five times for a total time commitment of about 30 hours. The entire study will take at least 5 weeks.

Testing procedures include:

  • Two 2-hour exposure to diesel exhaust and to filtered air in a specially ventilated room. The pollution will be no more than those similar to levels experienced in Mexico City or Beijing on a smoggy day.
  • Bronchoscopy 24 hours after each exposure. Bronchoscopy is a procedure where a thin, flexible tube in passed down your throat and into your lungs.
  • Collection of blood &bronchial lavage samples
  • Standard lung function testing
  • Health & symptom questionnaires
  • Completing exercise tests, 1 incremental, 2 steady state

Volunteers will be appropriately compensated for their time.

If interested please call 604-806-8931 or email