Effects of inspiratory muscle training on respiratory muscle mechanics and haemodynamics in healthy adults

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Dr. Jordan Guenette, Principal Investigator, UBC Physical Therapy & Centre for Heart Lung Innovation


Healthy male recreationally active participants wanted for a study investigating how training the muscles used to breathe can improve exercise performance.


  • Between 19-39 years of age (inclusive)
  • Healthy – free of cardiovascular disease or lung disease (including a history of asthma)
  • Physically active more than 180 min per week

Participation involves three exercise days:

  • Breathing tests followed by an exercise test (VO2MAX test) on an upright stationary bicycle.


  • Randomly assigned to one of two training programs to improve your respiratory muscles. You are equally likely to be placed in either group.
  • Training takes place over 6 weeks with weekly check-ups.

Time Commitment:

  • Each exercise day will take approximately 3 hours for a total of 9 hours over 3 visits.
  • Training is 5-10 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks
  • Each check-up visit is approximately 30 min

Participants will receive an honorarium and a detailed fitness assessment.


If interested please contact:
Andrew Ramsook
(t) 604-806-8835
(e) andrew.ramsook@hli.ubc.ca